Headquarters: Switzerland

Founded in: 2007


Problem solving and description of solution

Banking fraud costs an estimated $67 billion per year. 70% is internal. Most remains undetected (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Report to the Nations 2014). With complex bank systems, creative fraudsters who constantly change their game, spotty auditing and other challenges, most fraud is discovered long after it happens - too late to stop it and act with the evidence in hand.

What if we could actually detect fraud before it happens? NetGuardians' smart behavioral analysis software leverages on Big Data, predictive analytics, and profiling to correlate and analyse behaviors across the entire bank system -not just at the transaction level. It tracks and audits all user actions continuously, in real time, and instantly sends alerts when there is an atypical activity, enabling banks to take a proactive risk mitigation approach. NetGuardians' experts develop outof- the-box controls that address anti-fraud requirements and automate compliance for specific regulations.

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