Security Scorecard

Headquarters: United States

Founded in: 2013


Problem solving and description of solution

SecurityScorecard is the most accurate security rating and continuous risk monitoring platform, assessing any organisation and their third party vendors across ten critical security categories such as Patching Cadence and Endpoint Security, analysing hundreds of data points and identifying key risk indicators that can lead to a data breach. They collect millions of data points across the entire internet non-intrusively in order to look at any organisation’s vulnerabilities from an external perspective, in the same way a hacker would.

SecurityScorecard's platform allows users to view their security posture as well as that of their entire vendor ecosystem over time, generate reports to clearly communicate security to stakeholders, and invite vendors in order to remediate identified vulnerabilities.

They offer a solution unlike any other that can be used for a number of different audience. Security practitioners can view their own security posture, validation that any actions taken to mitigate their risk are making a real difference.

Vendor Risk Managers can upload any number of vendors and create unique portfolios for their own assessments and identify their riskiest vendors.

Cyberinsurers can use the platform as an informational security indicator that helps them make decisions when underwriting.

Board of Directors are able to understand the high-level view of their companies, their business partners, and potential investor or M&A targets through easy-to-understand reports.

* Any information about third party companies is for information only, excluding any reliance, and does not constitute any recommendation to invest nor any endorsement, or validation, of the information.

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