Going global requires time and specific funding.

Which type of financing suits your business depends on many factors:

  • Your specific solution
  • Your targeted market
  • Your competitive edge
  • Your primary location
  • Your desired area and way of expansion
  • Your position regarding your value chain
  • And more

So many options co-exist; we help you define the smartest and fastest ones.


We assist you in:

  • Identifying the most relevant/appropriate financing sources adapted to your company strategy, and developing a medium-term perspective for your business
  • Spotting potential financing partners
  • Introducing your company to possible investors
  • Conducting both the due diligence and the closing processes

Our engagement

In order to equip you as well as possible, we'll provide you with high-value deliverables:

  • Financial stress test
  • Independent client review
  • Management assessment
  • Value proposition review

Pragmatic preparation and execution

Pragmatic preparation and execution