Revenue generation

You have a game-changing solution and you're successful on your domestic market? Then it's time to go global in order to sustain your growth.

Yet, international markets are complex, and you're facing numerous challenges:

  • Which markets are the most suitable for and relevant to your business?
  • Is your business plan rapidly adaptable to your priority markets?
  • Are you able to navigate the regulatory, political, corporate, and other crucial environments of your target markets?

You may already have international clients who drive your international agenda. In this case, you need to mitigate two different kinds of risks:

  • Risks related to entering a new market
  • Risks linked to your specific client requirements: Who are they? Are you addressing the needs of your clients' CEOs and middle management? What are the time dimensions of your sales cycle? How can you adapt your pitch to your client culture? How can you effectively deliver your value proposition?


We assist you in diagnosing exactly what needs you have to address and in setting up your international go-to-market strategy. Our dedicated workshop includes:

  • A comprehensive self-assessment and evaluation of your deliverables
  • A review of your value proposition, market prioritisation, value chain, business model, competitors landscape, and other factors that are key for the success of your internationalisation

Our engagement

To provide you with:

  • A revised value proposition
  • A revised international go-to-market strategy
  • A list of potential partners
  • A CEO agenda
  • Roadshows

Revenue generation

Revenue Creation

Market prioritisation & Design of go-to-market strategies

Market prioritisation and Design of go-to-market strategies

Pre-sales & Post-sales

Pre-sales and Post-sales