A new investment boom phase driven by start-ups and tech

Discover insights in the 1st edition of our SME Equity Financing Atlas


Our objective was to evaluate the equity financing market for SMEs, identify barriers and enablers at a global, cross-border and regional level.


We analysed equity investments in SMEs from 2010-2015 (based on Pitchbook and World Bank data).

For whom?

  • You are a CEO of a start-up or SME and you are looking for equity financing. This Atlas provides you with insights about investor activities and investor types and present and recent trends.
  • You are an investor wanting to gain an overview of the current market situation.
  • You are a governmental institution or policy maker wanting to know if your local ecosystem is attractive in terms of equity investments in SMEs. The Atlas offers guidance on reviewing existing, and introducing new financing policies by identifying gaps in the ecosystem.

Key insights

1. Accelerator and incubators on the rise and investing in young companies, as shown by the growth of 578% in number of deals in five years (from 547 to 3,709).

2. SMEs operating in booming industry verticals such as FinTech, Big Data or Mobile are increasingly attracting equity investors.

3. Of the 1,182 equity-backed companies we've followed over a period of 10 years, only 5% are able to exit via IPO, with the vast majority being US companies (75%).

Press Release

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